Bare Equine - Beeswax PURE Balls

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Type: Grooming
Looking for a natural HOOF PUTTY? Then you need a fresh set of balls.

Our BEESWAX Pure BALLS are designed to be a wax covering for Hoof Ailments.
They can be shaped flat, rolled into a worm, left in a ball size or doubled up for more coverage.

Think of them as a natural Hoof Putty.

Examples of their use:

  • Covering an abscess hole in the sole or wall of the hoof once it has been cleaned and thoroughly disinfected to prevent further debris entering the site.
  • Sealing over hoof cracks after thoroughly cleaning and disinfecting.
  • Covering other powdery or liquid treatments to ensure they stay put.
  • As a water repellent to various hoof abnormalities or conditions.
  • As a thrush management tool for collateral grooves.

We love BEESWAX for hoof issues as it is well knows for its anti-bacterial and protective properties. Combined with our unique formula and transform into malleable hoof balls with oils it packs an even further punch.

Our BEESWAX BALLS are designed so they are in an easy use size and there should be less cross contamination when removing them from the packaging. Other forms of hoof wax usually require a knife or some good digging in to the pot to remove the product. This introduces bacteria to the jar, which is actually what we are trying to eliminate from our horses hooves. Our balls solve this problem ensuring their ease of use.

Please ensure the area you are using the balls on is CLEAN and DRY prior to application. The Beeswax and Natural oils in our balls REPEL moisture so will not adhere if the area to be applied is not thoroughly clean and dry.

Contains: Beeswax, Peppermint, Cinnamon Bark & Melaleuca oils